A perfect storm of pressures has put many into a tight financial corner with few options. Costly health insurance premiums, accounting regulations and the administrative burden all divert time and money from an organization’s core mission. The right answer may not be in either a custom program or an Exchange program. It may require a blend of both.

AMWINS has a Better Way.

Retiree Benefit Choice can satisfy an employer’s need to improve its balance sheet, outsource administration and continue its social responsibility to retirees. It can also satisfy retirees’ needs by giving them the option to continue with a similar program offering – the same networks, doctors and drug coverage - or to explore the multitude of Medicare Exchange options.

For organizations intent on moving to a Medicare Exchange, Retiree Benefit Choice eases the transition, avoiding the administrative headaches and potential public relations backlash.

Advantages for Organizations

  • Ease the transition to a Medicare Exchange
  • Minimize disruption to operations
  • Completely outsource administration
  • Realize significant cost savings
  • Pre-65 solutions are available

Advantages for Retirees

  • Eliminate stress of sorting through "too many" plan options by choosing one that matches current coverage
  • Shop "A rated" carriers to select a plan that meets individual health and financial needs
  • Have enrollment handled by a single representative for all options

We can put more than 20 years of retiree benefits experience to work for you. Eligible clients include fully insured or self-funded employers of all sizes, including private companies, municipalities, unions and groups in economic crisis.

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