Vice President - Business Development
T: 401-734-5982
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Focusing on your challenges

I have a background in finance, so I take a very analytical approach to solving problems - bringing together the various AmWINS practices to create unique solutions that help customers deliver on their promises.

Once of my areas of focus over the years has been to reduce retiree healthcare liabilities among public sector entities through changes in funding, plan design and federal subsidies. These are the types of strategies we employ here at AmWINS to reduce costs for our customers.

Like thousands of other AmWINS professionals, my passion is to solve the problems our clients bring to us.

We help companies keep their promises

Companies promise employee benefits to their teams. In return, their employees work hard for the promise of a more secure life, today and in the future. Now, those promises are getting harder to keep. Balancing financial constraints with the responsibility of providing a strong employee benefit program can feel daunting. There’s a better way. We promise. At AmWINS, we tailor employee benefits strategies to fit a company’s unique needs. 

With over 25 years of experience creating customized solutions, we help companies keep their promises by matching current employees to their needed benefits, while aiming to provide them at a lower cost. And we deliver on our promises with comprehensive program development and complete administrative and technical support, to ensure successful implementation year after year.

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