For the past 14 years, Amwins has administered a contributory employer sponsored retiree healthcare program for a particular client. The client only offers this subsidized healthcare program to a small group of grandfathered retirees. Since the subsidized healthcare program is only offered to this small group of grandfathered retirees, hundreds of non-grandfathered retirees were left without the option to enroll in coverage through their employer.


Upon learning of the non-grandfathered retirees’ situation, Amwins approached the client to offer our Voluntary Retiree Benefit ChoiceTM Program, which the client agreed to move forward with in 2021. The Voluntary Retiree Benefit Choice Program provided the non-grandfathered retirees with the option to enroll in comprehensive coverage on a voluntary basis. Best of all, the voluntary program is offered at no cost to the employer.

In addition, Amwins removed the administrative burden from the employer by managing eligibility, enrollment, marketing, customer service, billing & collection. All which are included and managed by Amwins Group Benefits.

The Voluntary Retiree Benefit ChoiceTM Program is offered to all newly eligible non-grandfathered retirees. The client now has an answer to the countless retirees that inquiry about their options for healthcare. The Amwins team serves as the retiree healthcare concierge for all employees, regardless of their eligibility for a contribution from their employer. In addition, there was no additional financial responsibility for the client, and they know that they are providing a path to retiree healthcare for the employees that have dedicated so much of their lives working for them.