100+ year old National Paint and Finish Retailer Transitions 780 retirees to AmWINS’ Retiree Benefit Choice™ Program

Business Challenge
A national paint retailer with a reputation for creating a positive workplace and quality benefits package was interested in increasing costs. The company was adamant that retirees experience minimal disruption during the transition, specifically surrounding network and drug changes, and overall service quality. They needed a partner who could reduce their insurance and minimize retiree backlash from the change.

The Solution
The broker contacted AmWINS Group Benefits to research program options. AmWINS worked with the broker and the client to conduct a data analysis and program review. AmWINS recommended Retiree Benefit Choice™ (RBC) as the appropriate solution. RBC enabled retirees to choose one of three custom plans comparable to their current coverage or elect to shop the Medicare Exchange marketplace. AmWINS’ program also included the handling of all administration including eligibility, billing and service, drastically reducing client’s workload.

At the outset of the search the client was leaning toward a Medicare Exchange, but ultimately adopted Retiree Benefit Choice. The client experienced the savings it desired, retirees were able to retain a plan comparable to their current coverage, and the transition was completed without retiree backlash.